Periodic Testing

Overtime electrical installations deteriorate which is why they should be inspected. GWP Electrical carries out periodic inspections and testing at appropriate intervals to check whether or not they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use. These safety checks which GWP Electrical carries out are commonly referred to as periodic inspection and testing.

Smoke Alarms

GWP Electrical offers a great service on smoke alarms as well as fire alarms. It is common that most smoke alarms fail to work and warn occupants due to the fact that the batteries within the alarm are either not working or missing. This problem can be solved as GWP Electrical can install combined mains and battery smoke alarms which will always respond to smoke as they always have the backup power and are not solely dependent on the battery.

Security Systems

GWP Electrical can help your home’s security by installing an alarm system, security lighting system or CCTV which will act as a deterrent and work as an effective security system. We at GWP Electrical Can also install dialler systems which can phone your desired phone or mobile to alert you of an alarm, glass break detectors and also panic buttons for if a person is present when a burglary is taking place.

Garden & External Lighting

GWP Electrical provide installation of exterior and garden lights, whether it be lights around the perimeter of the house as security or to extend the hours of enjoyment of you garden into the evening with garden lighting, decking lighting, spotlights or subtle background lighting.

Lighting Design & Installation

GWP Electrical provides lighting design and installation services which will help you with your lighting layouts around you’re home, Lighting in a house is probably one of the most overlooked aspects, but it can set a mood as well as transform your space into something special.


Electrical maintenance is an ongoing thing and is a vital aspect of safety for any type of residential environment. At GWP Electrical we have our qualified and experienced electricians provide appropriate safety checks, servicing and the required maintenance when needed. A power cut to any home can cause an interruption and in a business’s case cost money too.